WHAT IS VisitSignal?

Use our click fraud & display fraud detection solution Real-time identification of bot traffic and take necessary anti-fraud measures to protect yourself from invalid and suspicious bot traffic.


  • 1. Track 150,000,000 fraud events.
  • 2. Real-Time Human Behavior Recognition Anti-Fraud.
  • 3. Geo IP Anti-Fraud​.
  • 4. Customize multiple visits filter conditions.
  • 5. Real-time Reliable Tracking and Statistics.
  • 6. Automatic optimization.
  • 7. Unlimited malicious domain scanning warning.
  • 8. Unlimited IP fraud score query
  • 9. Unlimited Active Campaigns.
  • 10. 6 Months of Data Retention.
  • 11. Detailed visits log export.
  • 12. runtime environment

When the visit exceeds the combo range, the number of visits is used for billing,$0.08 per 1000 HTTP/HTTPS Requests.
Friendly and professional support to assist with any help you need.

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Reliable Tracking and Statistics

Monitor and optimize traffic at any time from anywhere. Filter Traffic to your exact specifications with Offer Access control and block low-quality traffic from ever reaching your land-page with our fraudulent elimination features.

Real-Time Human Behavior Recognition Anti-Fraud.

Anti-Fraud Schema System for Identification and Prevention of Fraud Behaviors in advertising campaign.

Geo IP Anti-Fraud​.

Industry leading IP intelligence. Drawing on the we database—which accurately maps billions of IP addresses worldwide—you can easily create rules to dictate automatic actions.

Customize multiple visits filter conditions.

We provide a combination of filtering functions such as source, device, language, IP range, UA, runtime environment, country, and region

Runtime Environment

Detect the current runtime environment of the ad.Identify fraudulent bot devices.

Automatic optimization

According to the results provided by the system's anti-fraud algorithm, we can specify an automatic optimization program to export the ROI list and push it to the traffic source.

Automatic A/B Testing

According to the anti-fraud results, the designated traffic is directed to multiple your setting land-page.

Malicious domain scanning warning

Scan the specified target domain name in real-time, if the domain name has been blocked, we will notify you in real-time.

DMP Support

Based on our user profile data, we can accurately identify valid users (only for our own traffic platform)